About Us

        funfig is a startup company that was founded in August 2010 by RIT students who want to brings social gaming to a different level. funfig makes mesmerizing games that are appealing to everyone of age 5 and above. funfig’s main target is to make quality and addicting apps for the iOS and Mac OS. At funfig, we dedicated ourselves in making games that people can enjoy; we believe that “fun” is the key to success. We are very passionate and open-minded about new ideas and we love what we are creating.

        Our Future: We are currently developing games for the iPhone, iPad and the Mac. We do have some games made, but haven't launch them yet. We are focusing on finishing our MMORPG(massive multiplyer online role playing game) game first and launch them all together. We are planing on connecting these mini games with the MMORPG.

Our Team